I am a passionate Designer who makes users effective in achieving their goals simply and enjoyably. Skilled at validating ideas through: Psychology, Usability, Design, and Analysis. Check out my portfolio.



Felipe Urquijo


I am from Bogotá, Colombia. I have always been passionate about visual communication. At primary school, I drew and painted all the time. I remember when I was drawing the time went by very fast, everything around me disappeared and my mind was deeply immersed in my sketches. My first contact with graphic and visual communication was through comics. I used to spend hours creating characters and stories.

My learning experience from a BA in Graphic Design, an MA in Design for Interactive Media and sixteen years working in native applications and web apps have allowed me to think critically about how to find ways to solve problems with an user-centered approach, articulate design decisions to stakeholders and come to a consensus in a team. Likewise, how these ways are linked strongly to the social, technological and economic life of our time. Therefore, I am always keen on adapting my skills and work processes to new changes. Clients such as gohenry, Virgin Games, Heart FM, Nokia, Wyeth, Cisco Systems, Lowe SSPM and Oracle have been the evidence of this development.

Similarly, my awareness of the eclectic and immediacy nature of design and its intrinsic relationship with technology have led me to acquire skills in software tools such as Sketch, inVision, Principle and Adobe Creative Suite and languages like CSS, HTML and the basic principles of programming.

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